Welcome to ECS Documentation

SolixCloud Enterprise Content Services (ECS) is a self-service SaaS based file archiving system, which allows users to archive and manage files and folders effectively. ECS stores enterprise data on SolixCloud, the best-in-class cloud environment to store enterprise data. ECS allows to maintain, manage, and organize files/folders efficiently. Additionally, ECS offers various file/folder operations, such as sharing files/folders, adding tags/comments, previewing, adding to collection, and so on. ECS uses the term “Tenant’ for an organization.

ECS is accessed by two users: Admin user and End user. The accessibility varies based on the privileges.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Archive numerous files and folders
  • Flexibility to display files and folders in Grid or List display patterns
  • Allows to perform multiple file and folder operations
  • Allows to perform Sharing, Collections, and Collaboration activities
  • Ability to restrict the user access on shared files (like View, Edit…)
  • Notifying user(s) about actions performed on the shared files/folders
  • Flexibility to create a user group for sharing file(s) / folder(s) to ‘n’ number of users at a time


  • Secured storage of enterprise data on Cloud
  • Cost-effective application
  • Unlimited storage scalability
  • Reduces data maintenance costs for enterprises
  • Provides Enterprise-grade security
  • Easy to share files/folders with user